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Import-export course cover the ways in which businesses transport goods over international boundaries. which involves the buying and selling of products internationally, covers practical topics related to importing and exporting.

List of Services

As an Exporter & Importer, you are subjected to various laws in India today, have you compiled with them all and followed all the procedures ??
Are you taking all the export incentives available for your company ???
Do you fear that there may be some future liablilty for your Export & Import Transaction ???
Do you get your company's Financial Audit, Sales Tax Audit, VAT Audit, GST Audit ???? Than what about Export – Import Department ??? Do you get it checked…..Audited….???

Export Import Compliance Study

S. No. List of Services Authority
1 Application for Importer Exporter Code Number Jt. DGFT
2 Application for Advance Authorisation Jt. DGFT
3 Application for Duty Free Import Authorisation (DFIA) Jt. DGFT
4 Application for EPCG Authorisation Jt. DGFT
6 Identifying Agents Global Market
7 Registration Cum Membership Certificates Export Promotion Councils / FIEO
8 Pre & Post Shipment Documentation Customs
9 Scrutinizing of Letter of Credit (L/C) Bank
10 Export Documentation Under L/C - Bank Customs & Bank
11 Contract or Agency Agreement Overseas Party
12 Duty Calculation and Policy Status for Import Items Customs
13 Concept Note and Clarification on subjects related to export, import & FEMA RBI
14 Application for opening Branches Abroad RBI
15 Compliance Study Management Tool
16 Classification of your products Customs
17 Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS) 2015-2020 FTP DGFT
18 Service Exports From India Scheme (SEIS) 2015-2020 FTP DGFT
19 GST Related Issues of Exports & Imports GSTN
20 Forex Related Transactions Bank
……Plus much more related to DGFT, Promotion Councils, RBI, Customs….etc

Export Import Specialization Workshop

(A Practical Course in Export Import)


1. Unique Program
2. Only 1 Batch per month in respective location
3. Duration 2 Working Day…Only on Weekends (Friday & Saturday)
4. Project Work
5. Case Studies
6. Spot Tasks
7. Debate & Discussion
8. Limited Participants for each batch


1. Ideal for Students
2. Beginners in Exports & Imports
3. Existing Exporters & Importers
4. Employees in International Firms


EXIM Certification Course (Executive Program on Imports & Exports)

1. Course Contents
2. India & Global Market
3. Introduction to Import & Export
4. Export Sales
5. Import Purchase
6. LC Process & Tracking
7. Pre Shipment Documents
8. Post Shipment Documents
9. Bank Document for Export Sales
10. Foreign Expenses Document & Bill
11. MEIS - Merchandise Exports for India Scheme
12. SIES - Services Export from India Scheme
13. Export Promotion Capital Goods
14. Duty Drawback
15. Advance Authorization